90 Hilarious Creative Ways Protect From The Coronavirus

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Picture compilation of the Funniest DIY Coronavirus Masks of 2020. This is a pictures compilation of funny and creative people making anti-coronavirus DIY mask to protect themselves against the Covid19 Corononavirus Pandemic in the world. This is not a how to make a face mask tutorial video, these mask will not protect you from the virus. These are just funny coronavirus face masks.

You can watch it or view the actual photos below. Hope you enjoys!
90 Hilarious Creative Ways Protect From The Coronavirus, Please be safe out there peeps!
1, News papers with hanging garlic not only covid 19 protection, vampire protected too LOL!
2, Quick and easy grab a container and put it on your head then go HAHAHAHAA
3. Oh this one for coffee lovers for sure you always have this filter LOL!
4. This one is recycle, don’t throw your /A/C filter then cover your face and you might get protection from covid 19 because you will scared people away but all kinds of virus, germs and bacteria you might catch it from this dirty filter
5. This is real recycle and get good protection from corona virus. WOW the whole family cool. Then when you need water container you don’t have it anymore because you it, oh well just get water on the faucet.
6. Hahaha organic very creative just get it in the kitchen with the amazing smell hope will not get in your eyes!
7. This couple is just having a good cooperation I hope is clean one LOL
8. Here some more I can’t blame him to pick this for his protection LOL
9. recycle recycle good job
10. I hope is your wife or girlfriend

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