90 Hilarious Creative Ways Protect From The Coronavirus

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81. under ware is has more purpose this time of covid 19
82. I wondering where I can buy mask has a hole for my drink
83. I hope no kids with her and the blanket she will watch it before get it inside.
84. Hello are you doing okay there
85. good job kid hope you keep wearing that, every time you go outside
86. hahaha remind my BF she is so adorable though
87. are you okay sir
88. I hope you are okay sir
89. oh I see that mask bra vey in this time of covid 19
cool simple creative full face cover

I got allots of laughs all of this funniest creative mask photos! How about you? Please comment bellow which one is your favorite? What photos is the most funny? Which photos the most creative? Do you have funny corona virus mask photos? If you do please send it to this email for we can add here. lahatfiles@gmail.com

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