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How I started?

This is a very new website… First I intent to use for my personal use to get organize all what I need, and my personal diary or blogging. But later on I decided to open to the public it might useful to others. I accepting now any comments and suggestions, and accepting sponsor or advertising for I can able to maintain this website a free of charge, and also if you want me to add here the link of your favorite website, then you need to do is contact me thru email or leave a message to any pages you may find has comment box.

Please check back often for updates!

Fun fact about Googlelo: My youngest daughter and I we watched this video, we thought the funniest video on Facebook. Because we laughed so loud, and the time I was thinking what domain name I should buy. It was the teachers on the video was teaching her student how to spell and how to read the Google but she read it sounds like googlelogolo instead  google and I just shorten it, I thought it was very funny and we love it. I hope you like it too!

About Googlelo

Googlelo always wanted to work at home, big part of the reason is I am single mother of 3 wonderful kids. I don’t have any adult family can able to help me out, and I always wanted to watch and take good care personally all my kids, that’s why I had been tried many kinds of work at home. I always have passion about on internet, and I think I would love to earn money to support what our necessary needs and able to help others as well…

I am affiliated to many companies, this comp I had been used them on the past and some of them I still using and I have great experienced and also I tried to find information and reviews about the website I affiliated; to able help the internet consumer and make it easier to the costumer to decide and to see if the right website is you  looking for; then before you go to the actual website. You can find here the ABOUT them and helpful REVIEWS link, that way before you go to the actual website you have idea if what kind of website you are going to. When you think you found the right website or company you are looking for just click the link or banner and will bring you to the actual company website. When you click the link or banner, I will get small amount for referring you to their company or website. The commission I am getting, will not affect at all on your side. The company will pay me to referring and advertising their company. It’s great because I screen the website for you and looked for helpful reviews then possible, I can earn a commission from the referrals, just like we help each other 🙂

Love Helping Internet Consumer to make it Easier and Organized, its free website to organize the link of your favorite’s website. If you own website or you have favorites website wanted to be organize on one place or just wanted to be on the list, very simple just leave a comment below and I will try my best to add a soon as possible.

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Please enjoy, be safe and see you here around!